Class Schedule

Session 2 Registration – tentatively set for March 29*

*subject to change*

Check back often for schedule updates

Registration Instructions

Class Descriptions

Class Name# of WeeksDay of WkStart TimeRegistration DateClass Start DateCost *Lead Instructor
Puppy Registration CLOSED8Monday5pmMonday, Jan. 18 @6pmJan. 25$105Deyonne H
Puppy Registration CLOSED 8Monday6pmMonday,Jan. 18 @6pmJan. 25$105Deyonne H
Manners-Registration CLOSED8Monday5pmMonday,Jan. 18 @7pmJan. 25$105Peggy M
Manners-Registration CLOSED8Monday6pmMonday,Jan. 18 @7pmJan. 25$105Peggy M
Manners-Registration CLOSED8Thursday5pmMonday,Jan. 18 @7pmJan. 28$105Jill O
Manners -Registration CLOSED8Thursday7pmMonday,Jan. 18 @7pmJan. 28$105Michelle A
Obedience for Pets - Registration CLOSED8Thursday5pmMonday,Jan. 18 @6pmJan. 28$105Michelle A
Obedience for Performance - Registration CLOSED8Monday7pmMonday,Jan. 18 @6pmJan. 25$105Sue V
Obedience for Performance Level 2 - Registration CLOSED8Thursday6pmRegistration:
Jan. 28$105Judy G & Anne H
Rally - - Registration CLOSED8Monday7pmRegistration:
Jan. 25$105TBA
Obedience Open/Utility - - Registration CLOSED8Thursday7pmRegistration:
Jan. 28$105Judy Carter
Conformationdrop in
Monday8pmNo registrationJan. 25$10 Debbie S
Canine Freestylemembers class - not open to publicThursday8pmNo registrationJan. 28$10Anne N
Beginner/Intermediate Agility Registration CLOSED8Tuesday6pmPre-Registration for future classes:
Jan. 26$105Donni B.