4-H Dog Training

Attention Kids 8 – 18!

You and your best canine friend can attend this fun and exciting special interest group to gain knowledge on the fundamentals of showing your dog with hands-on experience. You will become skilled at recognizing the important relationship between you – the handler – and your dog.

$20 4-H program fee for non 4-H members

Classes start Thursday April 8 @ 6pm and will continue through July.
First class – bring proof of dog’s vaccination records, a flat buckle collar, a water dish, treats (small and soft), and a good sense of humor! No retractable leashes. All training takes place at POTC in climate controlled environment with matted floors and seasoned instructors!

REGISTER ONLINE with Illinois Extension or call the office at 309.685-3140


Class Schedule

Session 3 Class Registration

*subject to change*

Check schedule for specific registration times based on class preference

Registration Instructions

Class Descriptions

Class Name# of WeeksDay of WkStart TimeRegistrationClass Start DateCost *Lead Instructor
Puppy - REGISTRATION CLOSED8Monday5pmMonday, June 7 @6pmMonday, June 14$105Deyonne H
Puppy - REGISTRATION CLOSED8Monday6pmMonday, June 7 @6pmMonday, June 14$105Deyonne H
Puppy- REGISTRATION CLOSED8Thursday6pmMonday, June 7 @6pmThursday, June 17$105Paula A
Manners - REGISTRATION CLOSED8Monday5pmMonday, June 7 @6:30pmMonday, June 14$105Rikki K
Manners - REGISTRATION CLOSED8Monday6pmMonday, June 7 @6:30pmMonday, June 14$105Peggy M
Manners - REGISTRATION CLOSED8Thursday5pmMonday, June 7 @6:30pmThursday, June 17$105Jill O
Manners - REGISTRATION CLOSED8Thursday7pmMonday, June 7 @6:30pmThursday, June 17$105Michelle A
Obedience for Pets - REGISTRATION CLOSED8Thursday5pmMonday, June 7 @6pmThursday, June 17$105Michelle A
Obedience for Performance - REGISTRATION CLOSED8Monday7pmMonday, June 7 @6pmMonday, June 14$105Sue V
Obedience for Performance
8 (members only)Thursday7pmRegistration:
online 5/20-6/2 on members page
Thursday, June 17Judy C
Beginner Rally REGISTRATION CLOSED8 (members only)Monday7pmRegistration:
online 5/20-6/2 on members page
Monday, June 14Judi G
AKC FiTDog K9 Conditioning - REGISTRATION CLOSED8 (members only)Thursday8pmRegistration:
online 5/20-6/2 on members page
Thursday, June 17Jill O
Advanced Rally - REGISTRATION CLOSED8 (members only)Monday8pmRegistration:
online 5/20-6/2 on members page
Monday, June 14Judi G
4-HApril - JulyThursday6pmREGISTRATION CLOSED
Conformationdrop in
Monday8pmNo registration$10 Debbie S
Canine Freestyle(members only)Thursday8pmNo registrationAnne N
Beginner/Intermediate Agility 8Tuesday6pmPre-Registration:
Tuesday, June 15$105
Intermediate Agility 8Tuesday7pmPre-Registration:
Tuesday, June 15$105



Membership Meeting

To fulfill membership requirements, members must attend two (2) meetings per year.  Membership year is March to February.
All members are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible, in order to stay informed to club business and vote on changes.

Membership Meetings are held at the Club and the scheduled as follows:

January 16, 2021 – 6 PM – Meeting and Elections
January 23, 2021 – 6 PM (BACKUP for January 16)
March 10, 2021 – 6:30 PM
May 12, 2021 – 6:30 PM
July 14, 2021 – 6:30 PM
September 22, 2021 – 6:30 PM
November 10, 2021 – 6:30 PM

Membership Information

An individual seeking membership to POTC must first complete a POTC Obedience for Pets Class, Obedience for Performance Class, or Agility Class at the cost of $105. Once the class is completed, an individual may then apply to become a member at POTC where the following annual costs apply.


$95.00 per year. ONE person. ONE dog in training.


$105.00 per year. ONE or more persons and TWO or more dogs in training. ‘Family’ is considered ‘All persons living at the same address and economically dependent upon the head of the household or each other.’


Children under 18 must have a ‘Family Membership’ in the name of one or both of their parents or guardians.


For individuals or families wishing to maintain a club membership but NOT train a dog at this time.
Associate Membership – $55.00

Membership Fees are due April 1 of each year to the Treasurer.


All members must attend at least 2 membership meetings per year and help with a class, trial or other club business in order to maintain membership.  These “service hours” must equal at least 16 hours per year.  Membership year is April through March.

Members must own or co-own the dog in training.
Members cannot train a dog belonging to a non-member unless class fee is paid in full.
Members can train another member’s dog.

A POTC membership entitles members to attend all classes at no additional charge.
POTC offers “Members Only” classes, which are not offered to the public and are more advanced than public-offered courses.
Members may train their dogs during a scheduled Beginners Class if ring space is available and the handler is not disruptive to the class in progress.

Click here to download the Membership Application v62020

Click here to download the Release of Liability-Photo-Minor