Our Team

Susan Sherwood, President

My name is Susan Sherwood and I am honored to be the President at POTC. My husband Larry and I have been members since 2017. We live near Elmwood with our three Australian Shepherds: Tyrion, Oliver, and Charlotte. Like many of our members, we started at POTC in a puppy class just trying to get our newest family member off to a good start. We chose to apply for membership at POTC, because it had a wide variety of classes and the instructors showed us that the possibilities for our dogs were endless. Since we became members, Tyrion has received titles in obedience, tricks, and freestyle. Oliver has titled in tricks, freestyle, and CGC. While I do enjoy competition, one of my favorite activities is taking Oliver to perform at nursing homes as part of the Barking Ballroom.

In addition to training our dogs, Larry and I have been active members at POTC. In the past I have served as the purchasing agent, as well as the unofficial assistant to the Director of Training. I have assisted with several trials and classes. I am also the current President of The Barking Ballroom.

Outside of POTC, I am employed by Illinois Central College as a Program Coordinator. I have nearly 20 years of coordination experience for a wide range of populations and educational programs. My responsibilities through my employment have also included budgeting and records management.

I take great pride in my involvement at POTC, and I look forward to sharing my passion and experience as President at POTC.

Linda Doerfler, Webmaster

Linda Doerfler is an honorary member who joined the club in 1995 with her first obedience dog.  She has held various board positions over the years including secretary and director of training.  Linda is currently webmaster for the POTC website as well as trial secretary for various obedience/rally/agility events sponsored by the club.  She is also an AKC ACT evaluater for agility.

Over the years, Linda has trained and shown her toy poodles in obedience and agility across multiple venues.  She currently has three dogs at home including her youngest 4 pound toy poodle, who can be seen most weekends burning up the agility rings.  In her spare time, she is also a dog sports photographer, acting as show photographer for many different dog sport events.

Angie Perrilles, Advisor

I’m Angie Perrilles and I currently hold the position of Advisor to the Board for POTC. My first experience with POTC was a puppy class with my Black Lab, Sadie, in 2005. Due to my job at the time, I was unable to continue the fun. I trained her on my own at home but I knew she would be great at agility and other sports. I was finally able to join POTC in 2013. At that time, I also had Sawyer and Meadow, two of Sadie’s pups. Sadly, we suddenly lost Sadie in August, 2017. This past year we have given a home to Cabela, another one of Sadie’s pups.

We have been involved in POTC’s agility, rally obedience, canine freestyle, tricks and flyball activities. Outside the club, we are also involved in dock diving and a frisbee League. We have hopes of starting nose/scent work, barn hunt and obedience. We have earned titles and championships in AKC, UKC, WCRL, NADD, NDAL, WCFO, CPE and K9 Frisbee Toss and Fetch.

Since joining POTC, I helped with Puppy and Manners classes for about a year and have been the lead instructor in Manners since 2015 in addition to Rally in 2019. I have also helped with the introduction and instruction of the Therapy Dog Prep Class as I have had two Certified Therapy Dogs (Sadie and Meadow). I enjoy helping handlers with young dogs who need help reinforcing basic manners, as well as older dogs who may have never had proper training.

When we aren’t at the club, I am busy at work as an Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapy Assistant at OSF Rehab (formerly Great Plains Orthopedics). I have been a St. Jude Memphis to Peoria Runner for 21 years and I have served on the Peoria Humane Society Board since 2011. I enjoy being involved in various groups and activities. POTC has become a second home to us and is one of our Happy Places!

Judi Gullickson, Director of Training


My name is Judi Gullickson and I’m currently serving as Director of Training. I started training dogs at 9 years old and began a successful Obedience show career at 11 years old.  I’ve owned and trained a variety of breeds over the years, both large and small. I became a member at POTC in 2006.

I have trained my dogs through the Utility level in Obedience, the Master level in AKC Rally, the Grand Champion level in UKC Rally, the ARCH level in WCRL Rally, and the champion level in WCFO Canine Musical Freestyle.  In the past 11 years, I’ve has earned multiple titles on my current five Shih Tzu, which includes AKC and UKC Obedience and Rally, TDAA Agility, UKC Conformation, and Canine Musical Freestyle. Each of my dogs has the Canine Good Citizen title and a variety of multiple titles.

Currently, I teach Obedience for Pets and Performance, Freestyle, and Rally. Two of my dogs currently compete in Obedience, Rally and Freestyle.

It’s my belief that every dog needs and deserves a good education, and training your dog creates a stronger bond between owner and dog, and a well-behaved companion, family member, and member of the community.

Rikki Kettwich, Jr. Board Member

Hello everyone, my name is Rikki. I have been a member at POTC for a little over a year now, along with my husband, Robert, and our three fur babies; Sterling Archer, ‘Archie’ (Border Collie Lab mix), Junior (American Pitbull Terrier), and Bentley (Labrador Retriever). At POTC we participate in rally and agility, and I also greatly enjoy assisting with Puppy Classes.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, camping, or kayaking – with the dogs of course! I typically start my day with some type of workout; boxing, weightlifting, yoga or a long walk with the puppers. We recently bought our first house in East Peoria and since then we are constantly working on fun home improvement projects. I as an Inside Sales Manager for AutonomouStuff, a technology company in the autonomous driving and technology sector.

I am very grateful to have found POTC, as I have already learned so much from the wonderful people and dogs that are at POTC. I look forward to learning so much more in the future and serving as the new Junior Board Member.

Andy Kolesar, Sr. Board Member

Kim Farlin, Treasurer

Kim joined the Peoria Obedience Training Club in 2015 after adopting an American Staffordshire/Sharpei mix from the Stray Animal Midway Shelter in Hanna City, naming him Grif, and realizing that she and her dog needed some obedience training. Within a year Kim rescued another dog, a Brittany/Terrier mix, from the ARK in Lacon and named her Ruby. Running Ruby Rose now participates in agility after attending Obedience 1 and 2 classes, plus the Beginner Agility and Advanced Agility classes. Kim has helped with maintenance in the building and decided to use her accounting skills as the Treasurer and was elected to the Board in January 2019. Kim is retired and likes to fish, golf, and whatever else she wants to do with her time when not busy with her two beloved dogs who are the true owners of the household. Kim also volunteers for the Central Illinois Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired where she sees guide dogs working to help their blind owners. This is not Kim’s first experience with the Peoria Obedience Training Club. Years ago in 2002, Kim brought her dog, Rose, a lab mix, so that they could get trained. It was that positive experience that brought Kim back with her current two dogs.

Contact Kim at treasurer@potcdogs.com.

Amanda Renfroe, Secretary

My name’s Amanda Renfroe and I’ve been a POTC member since 2018 with my 3-year-old Shih Tzu/Bichon mix Khaleesi (Khali). We came to POTC with the intention of only taking one manners class for basic obedience skills. I immediately fell in love with this club and have met many wonderful people here. We are now active in agility, mostly trialing in NDAL, but recently trying UKC and CPE. Khali just passed her ATD certification to be a therapy dog just before COVID-19 hit. We haven’t been able to do any visits yet, but we hope to be able to visit people in hospitals, libraries, and nursing homes soon! Our newest adventure is taking rally class, which we are enjoying so far.

When I’m not at the club, I work at Lannert Chiropractic as a massage therapist and chiropractic assistant. I enjoy fishing, bowling, and spending time with my husband and our fur baby. I’m excited to assist this club as POTC’s Secretary!

Linda Locke, Vice President


My name is Linda Locke and I have been a member of POTC since 2012 with my two dogs Maggie (8) and Beau (5), both Australian Shepherds. I am active in flyball, agility and freestyle – active is the key word… success has yet to be determined! I love playing with my dogs and the bonds that training and competing create together.

I am currently employed and own the company my husband and I created: ShareBuilders Inc, and am looking forward to pulling back on my hours at work in the near future. It is a software company for the media industry and my days are filled with client conference calls giving advice on best practices for media sales and inventory management. I also tackle various administrative duties such as: payroll, invoicing, contracts, taxes, and other mundane necessities involved in running a business.

The reason I joined POTC was to learn agility after I got my spunky little Aussie, Maggie, who needed a good outlet for her energy. We were invited to join the flyball team after some members saw her intensity level. And we got involved in freestyle after hanging around after assisting with an obedience class and thought it was a nice, creative outlet as being another means of playing with my dogs.

Anne Headings, Courtesy Chair

Anne has been a member since 1964.  She currently trains Border Collies in obedience and canine freestyle.  Anne is a retired Registered Nurse and owner of Just Right Gloves, making gloves for the obedience competitor.