Our Team

Andy Kolesar, Sr. Board Member

Anne Headings, Courtesy Chair

Anne has been a member since1964.  She currently trains Border Collies in obedience and canine freestyle.  Anne is a retired Registered Nurse and owner of Just Right Gloves, making gloves for the obedience competitor.

Linda Doerfler, Webmaster

Linda Doerfler is an honorary member who joined the club in 1995 with her first obedience dog.  She has held various board positions over the years including secretary and director of training.  Linda is currently webmaster for the POTC website as well as trial secretary for various obedience/rally/agility events sponsored by the club.  She is also an AKC ACT evaluater for agility.

Over the years, Linda has trained and shown her toy poodles in obedience and agility across multiple venues.  She currently has three dogs at home including her youngest 4 pound toy poodle, who can be seen most weekends burning up the agility rings.  In her spare time, she is also a dog sports photographer, acting as show photographer for many different dog sport events.

Judi Gullickson, Director of Training

Kim Farlin, Treasurer

Kim joined the Peoria Obedience Training Club in 2015 after adopting an American Staffordshire/Sharpei mix from the Stray Animal Midway Shelter in Hanna City, naming him Grif, and realizing that she and her dog needed some obedience training. Within a year Kim rescued another dog, a Brittany/Terrier mix, from the ARK in Lacon and named her Ruby. Running Ruby Rose now participates in agility after attending Obedience 1 and 2 classes, plus the Beginner Agility and Advanced Agility classes. Kim has helped with maintenance in the building and decided to use her accounting skills as the Treasurer and was elected to the Board in January 2019. Kim is retired and likes to fish, golf, and whatever else she wants to do with her time when not busy with her two beloved dogs who are the true owners of the household. Kim also serves as the bookkeeper and volunteers for the Central Illinois Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired where she sees guide dogs working to help their blind owners. This is not Kim’s first experience with the Peoria Obedience Training Club. Years ago in 2002, Kim brought her dog, Rose, a lab mix, so that they could get trained. It was that positive experience that brought Kim back with her current two dogs.

Contact Kim at treasurer@potcdogs.com.

Susan Sherwood, President

Linda Locke, Vice President

Amanda Renfroe, Secretary

Angie Perrilles, Advisor