Judi Gullickson, Director of Training


My name is Judi Gullickson and I’m currently serving as Director of Training. I started training dogs at 9 years old and began a successful Obedience show career at 11 years old.  I’ve owned and trained a variety of breeds over the years, both large and small. I became a member at POTC in 2006.

I have trained my dogs through the Utility level in Obedience, the Master level in AKC Rally, the Grand Champion level in UKC Rally, the ARCH level in WCRL Rally, and the champion level in WCFO Canine Musical Freestyle.  In the past 11 years, I’ve has earned multiple titles on my current five Shih Tzu, which includes AKC and UKC Obedience and Rally, TDAA Agility, UKC Conformation, and Canine Musical Freestyle. Each of my dogs has the Canine Good Citizen title and a variety of multiple titles.

Currently, I teach Obedience for Pets and Performance, Freestyle, and Rally. Two of my dogs currently compete in Obedience, Rally and Freestyle.

It’s my belief that every dog needs and deserves a good education, and training your dog creates a stronger bond between owner and dog, and a well-behaved companion, family member, and member of the community.