Kathy Sours, Secretary

My name is Kathy Sours and I am currently serving as Secretary of POTC. I have been a member of POTC since 1969.

I have trained some of my dogs through many obedience titles, including an OTCH in obedience, finished several of my Border Collies to a conformation championship, earned titles in agility and rally and have recently been showing in nosework over several different venues.

I have taught and/or assisted in many classes at POTC – beginners, advanced, and dumbbell work. I have also instructed many 4H classes and judged them on the county level as well as the state level.  I have held the position of Treasurer as well as Secretary in the past for POTC.

I believe that every dog should be trained to some level in order to increase the bond between the owner and the dog.  Dogs should be well loved, obedient members of families.