Kim Moss, Jr. Board Member

Hi, my name is Kimberly Moss but most everyone calls me Kim. I am currently on the board as the Junior Board member and enjoy being a part of this team. I have been a member of POTC for about a year and a half now. I live in Pekin but grew up on a farm out in Trivoli and have always had animals. I’m married and have 2 boys, both in their early twenties and starting careers of their own. They both have dogs and have taken them through puppy and manners classes here at POTC.

I have 1 dog, my travel partner, my yellow lab, Boudreaux, better known as Boo. We started out in Manners class after Covid shut everything down so we missed out on puppy class. We have taken a couple other classes after that but mostly Boo and I participate and enjoy obedience and agility but would like to dip our toes in a few other areas to try new things. We are just getting started. My other passion besides Boo is barrel racing horses. I have 4 horses that I train and give lessons on as well. I’m also working with my miniature pony to train for equine therapy. Between the horses and my 1 dog, I keep pretty busy.

I work part time as a lab technician and part time as an Equine and Canine Sports Massage Therapist. I love helping animals of all kinds, but these 2 are my true passion. Being a part of POTC family helps to expand that passion and I’m excited to serve and do my part!