Linda Locke, Vice President


My name is Linda Locke and I have been a member of POTC since 2012 with my two dogs Maggie (8) and Beau (5), both Australian Shepherds. I am active in flyball, agility and freestyle – active is the key word… success has yet to be determined! I love playing with my dogs and the bonds that training and competing create together.

I am currently employed and own the company my husband and I created: ShareBuilders Inc, and am looking forward to pulling back on my hours at work in the near future. It is a software company for the media industry and my days are filled with client conference calls giving advice on best practices for media sales and inventory management. I also tackle various administrative duties such as: payroll, invoicing, contracts, taxes, and other mundane necessities involved in running a business.

The reason I joined POTC was to learn agility after I got my spunky little Aussie, Maggie, who needed a good outlet for her energy. We were invited to join the flyball team after some members saw her intensity level. And we got involved in freestyle after hanging around after assisting with an obedience class and thought it was a nice, creative outlet as being another means of playing with my dogs.