Membership Information


An individual seeking membership to POTC must first complete a POTC Obedience Class or Agility Class at the cost of $105. Once the class is completed, an individual may then join POTC and the following annual costs apply.


$95.00 per year. ONE person. ONE dog in training.


$105.00 per year. Two or more persons and TWO or more dogs in training. ‘Family’ is considered ‘All persons living at the same address and economically dependent upon the head of the household or each other.’


Children under 18 must have a ‘Family Membership’ in the name of one or both of their parents or guardians.


For individuals or families wishing to maintain a club membership but NOT train a dog at this time.

Associate Membership – $55.00

Membership runs March-February each year.

All adult members must attend at least 2 membership meetings per year and help with a class, trial or other club business in order to maintain membership.


You must own or co-own the dog you are training. You may NOT train a dog belonging to a friend or relative on YOUR membership. You MAY bring a dog not owned by you through classes if the class fee has been paid. You may train another member’s dog.

A POTC membership entitles you to attend all classes at no additional charge. Even the advanced classes have exercises that you and your dog may participate in. Members may train their dogs during a scheduled Beginners Class if ring space is available and the handler is not disruptive to the class in progress.

Since we are all VOLUNTEERS, the success of our club depends on the membership!

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