Pack Walk/Hike

POTC Pack Walks/Hikes is a social-based walking group of POTC members only and 1 guest and their well-mannered dogs that will meet at least 4x a year (dates to be determined) on Sundays (times will vary depending on weather/season) to walk/hike various dog friendly parks in Central Illinois. There was a great interest in daytime/weekday walks – we will definitely look into doing this in the future.

  • A designated POTC member will be the “Pack Leader” who will organize the meet up and be at the site at the scheduled time ensuring that members of the group follow park regulations. Initially Julie Robinson and Jill Owen will start as Pack Leaders to get this project off the ground but hope to get more members involved.
  • Some events will be considered “walks” where the terrain is fairly flat with paved or groomed walking surfaces, open grassy areas, or otherwise considered “easy” level.
  • Other events will be considered “hiking” events where the terrain is more strenuous including hills and uneven surfaces. These would be considered “intermediate” and “advanced” levels.
  • The events are based on the interest of the group and will make every effort to find a location where restrooms are available.
  • Some events will offer picnic lunch or snack option, where the participant will bring/carry their own lunch and group will stop at a designated area during the event to eat.


    • Members are limited to 2 dogs per member and their guest is allowed 1 well-mannered dog.
    • Dogs must be leashed on maximum 6’ non retractable leash or other required equipment based on park regulations.
    • Participants are responsible for carrying their own equipment, water, food, etc. for themselves and their dog.
    • Participants are responsible for wearing weather- and activity-appropriate apparel and shoes.
    • No children under the age of 8 unless they can be pushed in a stroller by the participant (walking events only).
    • Absolutely no children under the age of 12 for hiking events.
    • Participants understand that events may take place in areas where mud, water, sand, other dogs and people, poison ivy, insects (including ticks and fleas), and wildlife exist.
    • Participants are responsible for following park guidelines, picking up after themselves and pets, and actions of their guests/pets.
    • Participants will “buddy walk” to ensure safety if they need to depart from the structured group to return to their vehicles or to walk/hike on their own -which means that they will pair with another member or their guest .
    • All Participants (including Members) will sign a liability waiver specific to these events. Participant will also complete an emergency contact form that the Pack Leader will carry.

Waiver Form     Contact Form

Sunday, September 25 @ 9am
Rock Island Trail – Alta

if you are interested in checking out other possible locations for future walks/hikes), go to and select the “dog friendly” link.


Things to consider bringing

  • drink for you; water/bowl for your dog
  • leash
  • snack for you; treats for your dog
  • poo bags
  • towel for wet/muddy paws
  • clothing & footwear you don’t mind getting wet/muddy
  • completed POTC forms mentioned above if you have not already done so