Shealyn Ashby, Vice President

I am kindly known among my friends as the crazy dog lady. I currently have a 4 year old, Shih Tzu Maltase mix named Ellie Rose and I train my partner’s 7-year old, Australian Shepherd, Mr. Peter Parker. I recently lost my heart dog of 14.5 years, my miniature poodle, Izzie, who taught me all I knew about dogs from a young age and pushed me to spend time learning about and growing my skills in dog training to better both her life but the overall household dynamic that comes with 3 dogs of varying age, size, and temperament. After spending some time building confidence, I am just now beginning to enter the trial ring in Agility with Ellie and Rally with Peter Barker.

Over the years, POTC members have become a second family and support system full of so much encouragement and words of wisdom both for myself and my dogs. I look forward to being able to play a small part in growing that welcoming and supportive environment throughout my time on the board.